~ what is a bentl? ~

ddtrix o0 bentl (coloquially "bentl") (bentilious erectus) (xe/hir) can often be found making cartoons and writing and playing music and scavenging and eating and sleeping and playing with rocks and playing nintendo wii and being generally goofy and loud as to scare away predators. bentl made a lot of movies and comics as a tiny, coconut-brained child, and that silly little passion never halted for nothin!

hir primary artistic influences are mid-american industrial decay, multimedia experimentation, and children's art, all of these influences showing through in hir expressive, whimsical visual style and dense, existential subject matters. the bulk of hir current work ties into the expansive post-apocalyptic world of neo kansas city, including but not limited to lesbian dogwood and the disaster life thereof (feature film), the moonray highway restoration quest of fishbaby (incomplete graphic novel), and this is my disaster (hypertext short story).

~ wow, neat i guess! is bentl on social media? ~

not currently! the only thing remotely close to a social media that bentl frequents is hir patreon. this is where bentl will provide sneak peek updates and announcements of new content. click that big orange button below to learn more!

this website is currently the most central hub for any and all artistic output by bentl. you can explore hir music, hir cartoons, hir visuals, the whole nine yards all on this one website! nifty!

~ right on. but hey how come you know so much about this "bentl" jobber? ~

because i AM bentl!! i've been bentl this Whole Time!!! mwahahahaha! you see, all that third-person fluff was merely for upholding a veil of professionalism! that's what ALL the Real Deal Artistic Entrepreneurs are doin nowadays! like me! baha! i'm so laughing-out-loud right now you have no idea!

~ yea well you know what's less professional than writing in the first person?? LYING. ~

you are completely right. i'm incredibly sorry for this and i promise it won't happen again. #onelove.

thank you for reading my website!!

for any inquiries, please click my cheeky face down there to email me at ddbentl@proton.me! :-)