hey!! ain't this a treat??? i'm talking to you! right now! about some shit! how fucking revolutionary!

alright let's get crackalackin'. "what's going on?" you mutter with your gorgeous golden pipes, "where's lesbian dogwood part 2? where is your youtube channel? what have you been doing for 3 months if not working on my silly little gay comfort characters?"

well, i regret to inform that lesbian dogwood is chugging along very slooowwwly. its making incrimental progress, but it's been very hard to find time and motivation. my biggest hurdle right now is this fucking set im building of glenda's apartment for the next scene:

god fuck this fucking shitty ass apartment. it's cool as fuck and the effect for what i'm going to do with it will kick ass but it's been soooo difficult finishing this its so hard. but yea that should hopefully be done sometime soooooon??? once that's done, i can finally lock into animating which i know will get my engine revvin when i'm actually manifesting my cute little gay bitches (lesbian dogwood and friends!).

altho my lesbo movie has been a tid slow, that doesn't mean my adventures into animation have been entirely fruitless! if you haven't seen 00102_6 (love/poison), that's my latest gen-u-ine cartoon. it's very abstract and heavily inspired by Ryan Trecartin's work, but i'm very very happy with it!! also, i made a 49-minute film as a part of Joel Haver's "Shoot a Movie During the Oscars" challenge called lemonscented goes to crab island. it was really good art therapy to be forced to make something that unhinged and that long, i don't think i'm super privvy to it but i think it's interesting for sure.

also, big BEAF news!!! i am hard at work making BEAF into a bigger thing than just the festival. i have made thebeaf.org which is very broken and incomplete as of writing this, but it should contain some tidbits of what is in store for BEAF content. the bentl youtube channel has been entirely overhauled to be about BEAF, so now the only real central spot for keeping in the loop about my stuff is this website.

and here's something you don't see everyday: music news! i've finally started working on my upcoming Time Pop album, Love. there is currently one single available which you can listen to on the page link! working in a museum and standing around for hours a day, i basically have an entire album mapped out in my head already but i haven't had the chance to articulate it into tangible music. for the last couple of days, i've finally done that! hooray! the album page talks about it more, but this is not a high priority project for me right now. but you will see more of it in the nondescript future >:p!

so that's the meat and potatoes for what to expect on these bloggy things! i am very excited to have this means of communicating regularly in a formal easily accessible way :D! i hope you all have a wonderful day and stay good and kind to yourselves!

- dd trix bentl