species cat, stinkbug, monkey, irish lol
gender trans dyke fag
super power autism
averse to the mention or sight of click to reveal:
tongues, cuts on arms, figures in darkness.
fav pronouns xe/hir, it/its, meow/meows
least fav pronouns they/them, he/him
homeworld saturn
human vessel origin kansas city, missouri
current location chicago, illinois
birthday 12.17.1998
hrtday (real birthday) 06.27.2020
fav animals pigs, toucans, fireflies, swans, doves
fav asmr video outrageous spoons
2007-2012: BLUE
2013-2016: PURPLE
2017-2020: BLACK+PINK
2021-2023: TEAL

e"dd"weena o0 bentl

coloquially known as "bentl" (bentilious erectus) can often be found making cartoons and writing and playing music and rummaging and scrounging and and eating and decomposing and smashing rocks and playing nintendo wii and being a loud autistic goofster as a means of scaring away predators. bentl made a lot of movies and comics as a tiny, coconut-brained child, and that silly little passion never halted for nothin!

hir primary artistic influences include mid-american industrial decay, multimedia experimentation, children's art, and pushing animation beyond it's status of the moving drawing and deeper exploring its modern identity as the limitless video file.

many of hir works explore the expansive dystopian sci-fi world of neo kansas city in the multimedia epic known as THIS IS MY DISASTER. many of her proudest works in this series are as follows:

lesbian dogwood and the disaster life thereof: part 1

part 1 of my upcoming feature length film and my greatest creative achievement as of its release. the mysterious lesbian dogwood is a nomadic homunculus ranger who wanders the barren and dilapidated wastelands of neo kansas city 2. they barely survive every day and make friends and stuff and nothing really important happens.

koopalovr plays: super mario 64 episode 30

a surrealist furry animation about a despondent little cat who is mourning something lost, or perhaps something that was never there.

the moon ray highway restoration quest of heir fishbaby

fishbaby is royalty from a faraway land under the sea. they visit the elusive surface world ravaged by human civilization in order to find out why the moon is hurdling towards earth, but all they find there are more questions.

~ • wow, this seems fine! is bentl in any other internet zones? • ~

yes! for now...


many of these websites r maintained and updated for the sake of making hir work accessible and reliably financially backable. for all purposes, this website is the only true way to experience any of bentl's art over the internet. the website has been intricately and lovingly built to be the one stop shop for everything bentl! =)

~ • right on. but hey how come you know so much about this "bentl" jobber? • ~

because i AM bentl!! i've been bentl this Whole Time!!! mwahahahaha! you see, all that third-person fluff was merely for upholding a veil of professionalism! that's what ALL the Real Deal Artistic Entrepreneurs are doin nowadays! like me! baha! i'm so laughing-out-loud right now you have no idea!

~ • yea well you know what's less professional than writing in the first person?? LYING. • ~

you are completely right. i'm incredibly sorry for this and i promise it won't happen again. #onelove.