cartooning has been a primary artistic pursuit for me from 2021 to present. cartooning entails some of my most ambitious artistic undertakings like lesbian dogwood and koopal0ver plays: super mario 64 episode 30. my illustrative style is very loose and expressive and my cartooning style is very worbly and surreal and effects heavy. i'm multimedia in my approach but the bulk of my work uses only a pirated copy of adobe premiere, a pirated copy of adobe photoshop, and MS paint!

Major Guys:

TITLE / genres / description dur. date
goodreams infinitum
genres: comedy, surrealism, experimental
[1:41] 09/07/2023
made this as a segment for the hellavision television 'the guy' film. this is a very brief excersize in pushing myself technically as an animator in just about every facet. i love the flying squirrel friend =)
00102_6 (love/poison)
genres: surrealism
[3:50] 02/23/2023
a spruced up stream of consciousness hyperactive vent cartoon. not sure what it's about, maybe you'll know.
lesbian dogwood and the disaster life thereof: part 1
genres: dystopian, surrealism, satire, drama
[34:39] 01/28/2023
this is part 1 of my first feature length film undertaking and my greatest creative achievement thus far. its based off my unfinished book called this is my disaster, and stars the mysterious lesbian dogwood, a nomadic homunculus ranger who roams the barren, dilapidated wastelands of neo kansas city 2. they barely survive every day and make friends and stuff and nothing really important happens.
joy division audition
genres: absurdist comedy, surrealism
[2:31] 05/09/2022
bentl stumbles upon a casting call for one of the greatest bands of all time. took a day to make but i still consider it one of my greatest pieces of art ever.
bentl t.v. vol. 1
genres: surrealism, absurdist comedy
[13:15] 08/24/2022
here's a compilation of every short i've churned out from december 2020 to march 2022, tales from the bentlverse if you will. creating these tiny guys help me to keep my style evolving as i continue to work on bigger projects. they're each individually important to me in their own unique way.
koopal0vr plays: super mario 64 episode 30
genres: psychological drama, surrealism, experimental, dark comedy
[7:38] 11/02/2021
a surrealist furry animation created based off of a dream, one involving "elon musk's spirit world" but i didn't include that lol. it's about a despondent little cat who is mourning something lost, or perhaps something that was never there. there's a lot of sadness and loneliness in this story, it comes from a difficult time but it's the most technical my animation has been up until that point. sat unfinished for over a year but finally finished in january of 2023.
genres: comedy, surrealism
[3:37] 06/06/2020
a project max and i had in the works for months, and an idea i've had for almost exactly a year up until the release. there was a second episode/sequel planned, but it's been on the back burner ever since like early 2021.
genres: surrealism, experimental
[2:23] 03/18/2020
this cartoon was made to be watched on mobile devices. i made this cartoon with the intent of pulling as much as i could from intrinsic creativity, that is embracing in full qualities of my art that i believe to be the least derivative. this video set the precedent for my animation style and for that it's very special to me! :)

minor guys:

TITLE / genres / description dur. date
genres: funny
[12:48] 05/28/2023
bentl and max go to the magical forest to get paprika for their mackycheese. the much anticipated sequel to my crazy roommate.
lemonscented goes to crab island
genres: experimental, video diary, high fantasy
[49:44] 03/12/2023
a feature film i made as part of the joel haver 'make a movie during the oscars' challenge! it's more an excersize in art therapy than anything, but there are some cool tidbits here and there.
genres: surrealism
[6:08] 08/24/2022
a quaint avantgarde piece i made to experiment with the concept for really freeform longform minimalist animation.
monkey hug song video press play
genres: music video, comedy
[1:19] 05/01/2022
a song about monkeys.
the $32,500,000 home of mark lindsey
genres: comedy
[5:17] 12/25/2021
a manifesto of vitreal towards the worst most excessive most evil motherfucker and mansion alive.
my crazy roommate
genres: funny
[2:40] 08/21/2021
bentl gets into mischief and max is understandably pissed off at this stupid bitch.
simpsons impressions (jerma animated)
genres: comedy, surrealism
[1:19] 03/06/2021
animation based on the audio of Jerma985.