toons / lesbian dogwood and the disaster life thereof: part 1 / art gallery

this was a huge, huge undertaking, the most ambitious of my life at the time. thus i have a shitload of concept art lying around! here's a bunch of it in vaguely chronological order along with my own personal notes :-)

the characters were initially gonna be far more stout and chibi akin to the illustrations in this is my disaster, but i ended up giving them more humanlike proportions because i felt it was more tonally appropriate.

these were drawn in january and early february and are some of the earliest drawings of these characters as they appear in the film. this was my way of understanding what they look like, talk like, and how they would interact with one another. yakno, gettin to know them!

their pokemon teams.

these two images are taken from the draft i did of the script which ended up as a part of the unfinished cut of timd.

here's something fun! extended universe characters:

this is melody! u'll meet her in part 2 ;)

doolally is a character that will be explored in greater detail in the sequel book which may or may not happen once the film is completed! just kno that it is my pride and joy and i love it so much :]

this is red from hoodwinked. like the the 2005(?) animated film. i really liked her character in the film and thought she'd fit well in neokc so she's friends with glenda. idk if this will ever be in anything haha.

this is yella! yella has a lot to offer. they will also have a role in the sequel book if that's ever created.

...and finally here are some fun redesigns for this mythical sequel book :] yay yay yay!