tunes / doveland - lesbian dogwood and the disaster life thereof "original" soundtrack: vol. 1 (2023)

release date: 01/28/2023

genres: lo-fi indie, mash up

subgenres: ambient, slowcore


01. murkymemory (2:05)

02. templeofanubis (4:50)

03. eternacity (2:14)


04. 03242022 (6:26)

05. headache (1:36)

06. yea (0:25)

07. fishbabyslament (1:36)

when i set out to make the soundtrack to lesbian dogwood, i initially wanted it to focus on mashups, sampling, etc. i felt this to be integral to not only the anti-industry sentiments of my style, but also to highlight the cultural state of neo kansas city, a society in rigur mortis due to the natural conclusions of capitalism, completely depraved of culture or ideas and only existing as an echo of anything that was.

i also threw in lots of lo-fi music because that's where my musical fascinations seem to gravitate. i think this highlights a lot of the more human elements of lesbian dogwood, the heart and soul that lives on undyingly even in a world that is a big pile of poopoo doodoo.