i love writing!!! its a very fun release for stories and ideas due to its accessibility and freedom. do i finish things? ever? hell no :p! maybe someday ill find a story idea that i fall so deeply in love with that i finally finish it, but for now, here are some fractured ideas and stuff that i think are pretty neat! since most of them aren't complete, the corresponding dates aren't concrete release dates as much as they are the time periods that i was working on them.

TITLE / genres / description page# date
980pieces 10 pgs 2022

an middle aged man joins a cult that causes humanity to end.

this is an unfinished short story based off a dream. this was made for a zine i was attempting to pull together with online people called "landofspikes". this was made for a blogspot so it's current pdf incarnation is not an ideal way of experiencing it, but as of right now i'm not passionate about reassembling it with html (maybe someday...). i stopped working on it both because i was unsure of whether to make it a pdf or a blogspot and also that i felt like it was a pretty nihilistic story, something that i don't feel properly represents my artistic voice.

give it to me in full 1 pg 2022

this is a short vent poem i wrote with no intention of publishing it, i came across it again recently and decided i liked it enough that i would publish it anyways! its very abstract and minimal but i still like it.

Shadowy Big Boy Time 5 pgs 05/2022

this award-winning (yes, award-winning) short story was my submission for the Naka Kon 2022 Iron-Fic Competition. it won the coveted "WTF Award" as well as the hearts of millions. in this short, Shadow the Hedgehog aims to reunite with Gerard Way and Sephiroth so they can reform their highschool band, Shadowy Big Boy Time.

THIS IS MY DISASTER. 16 pgs 2021

set, much like the rest of my stories, in a neo-kansas city variant, TIMD documents the id-death of a small bloodthirsty robot and the separate adventures of a lonely lesbian cowboy. TIMD is a feeling, it isn't anything. the book is a fluid stream of consciousness mess of words and images. it is insanity. this book is declared incomplete indefinitely. the story has been adapted into/served as the primary inspiration for lesbian dogwood and the disaster life thereof.


HGTK is a shitpost writing exercise between me and my friend max. i make one page, he makes the next. the story follows heathcliff and pals as heathcliff reaches nearer and nearer to his destiny: getting the keyblade.


fishbaby is royalty from a faraway land under the sea. they visit the elusive surface world ravaged by human civilization in order to find out why the moon is hurdling towards earth, but all they find there are more questions. TMRHRQOHF (or just FISHBABY) was a large scale ambitious graphic novel and a way for me to channel the parts of my artistic passion that crave scale and the creation of something huge. this is a precursor to lesbian dogwood and the disaster life thereof and lightly canon to the film, taking place 1000 years before. much of the story in this graphic novel will ideally be repurposed into a sequel book to the film.

what is here is all that was completed for the comic, including pages 5-12 which only exist as storyboards. the first page in the pdf is a splashpage including a screenshot of the blogspot homepage where i posted the completed pages.