music was a primary passion for me during my young adult years. i had a band in highschool named Giygas and did entirely solo stuff from thereon out. i published under different monacres depending on the different moods i was pursuing, those being time pop (dark, gritty, angsty, noisy), doveland (grande, compassionate, psychedelic, floating), and bentl ("no big deal" music).

TITLE / genres / description dur. date
bentl - lesbian dogwood and the disaster life thereof "original" soundtrack: vol. 1
genres: lo-fi indie, mash up
[19:15] 01/28/2023
the lesbian dogwood and the disaster life thereof: part 1 soundtrack.
doveland - 4 songs
genres: lo-fi indie, ambient
[17:24] 11/10/2021
this EP comes at a time when music isn't as much a primary focus for me, but this album is like a perpetual work-in-progress compilation of random songs! not as ambitious as anything released under my musical monacres, but still some cozy jams that i'm quite proud of :).
I Witness Skeletons - music to listen to while you sleep to become stronger and faster the next day
genres: post punk, jam band
[1:51:04] 09/10/2022
a fun project of mindless noodly jamming while watching eyewitness videos or mission hill or whatever fate brings! features me and my friends quinn and max and was recorded randomly over the course of a year.
bentl - money, power, and romance
genres: mash up
[21:18] 02/18/2022
hoy alright well this is my shitpost mash up album haha!! honestly it's sooo fucking bad but i really love it, you're free to listen but keep your standards LOW.
doveland - Lemonade Mouth 2
genres: experimental rock, neo psychedelia, lo-fi indie
[42:43] 04/04/2021
a psychedelic, shoegazey concept album that is a sequel to lemonade mouth (the movie not the book). this was a very important self reflective piece of music for me to make and i still think it's really really good! the scope and textures and instrumentation present here are pretty detailed and it's an album that i love getting sucked into. i hope you feel the same way!
Time Pop - Locust Island
genres: dark ambient
[34:01] 08/15/2018
i spent a lot of time in the summer of 2018 going to the park at night time and just fucking around and looking at the stars with candles and friends. this was a concept album i made to accompany that emotion. it's about a place called locust island, a place that promises the gift of eternal life.
bentl - The 50 (11) States EP
genres: lo-fi indie, satire
[16:45] 01/07/2018
i love this stupid thing. this is a joke album i made when prompted to "complete sufjan steven's 50 states project". well bad news is i didn't finish the project but the good news is i made some of the worst songs ever made.